change permission on list item


I have number of list items(1000+) for which one user have edit permission.

i want to make it read permission for that user and dont want to do manually for each item one by one.


i saw solution using add-in plumsail which have "change sharepoint permissions" option.


can i achieve this using any in build sharepoint "action item" other than plumsail?

I dont want to use plumsail..


I just want to change permissions for number of items (1000+)to read for particular user for list which have 10000 records, dont want to do it manually one by one

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@rautchetan27 :  Powershell script will easier and faster option in this case.

You can do this using:

1) Power Automate, use "Apply to Each" action.

2) Nintex Workflow.

3) SharePoint workflow - REST API and loop action.



For each loop i tried, but you can not use " stop sharing" with each item for particular user.

"stop sharing" will stop sharing it with all users.

It is actually quite easy and straightforward. To enable Item Level Permissions, go to List Settings > Advanced Settings.

Item Level Permissions

Scroll a bit down and you will see Item Level Permissions section.

Item Level Permissions

Inside the section, you will see two categories

Read access and
Create and Edit access

@Lewis-H that is not a solution as the poster wants to change permissions for 1 user only; not for everyone, for a specific security group or for someone in an Office 365 group.


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@rautchetan27 : Yes @Lewis-H  is correct, If you don't want to use any script then through list settings --> under advanced settings option you will find "Item Level Permission" as per below screenshot, change the settings accordingly:




your solution is applicable to all users for all items...

I want to make changes for particular user only.

one user have edit access on number of list items and i want to make it read access for that user only.

@rautchetan27 : In this case, If Break Inheritance is not set at the Item level.

1) Create a group and add users in the groups.

2) Give Read permission to the group.

2) Check user permission for the item( you can user PowerShell/REST API).

3) Once you get the user permission in the success part of the code remove user from the all other groups except the one create above.


Note: PowerShell code is useful in such cases


Hope it helps !


@Ashish_Kohale @RobElliott @Lewis-H 


I tried above solution


list settings --> under advanced settings-->Create  and Edit access :None


but this not overwrite item level permission which already given.


means if for few list items if i have given edit permission to one particular user and if i changed settings as above( create and Edit access to None), still that use persist edit access, still that user have edit access...and its not get removed...



@rautchetan27 : Is list item permission set with Unique permission i.e break inheritance is ON for Item level permission ?