Change mail address with which share point news are send

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Hello everyone,


until now, when a user send a Sharepoint news by mail, the users personal mail address was used. But since yesterday the mails are send with email address removed for privacy reasons.

The problem with that is that our distribution lists only accept mails from internal mail addresses and therefore the mails are blocked.


Can anyone tell me where I can change the address from which the news are send?


Thanks in advance.




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@MichaelReznicek the email is sent from the email address in the image below. As far as I am aware there is no way to change that.




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@RobElliottThanks for the answer, but it did work differently. Before it was send automatically with the users address, since yesterday it is send with the no-reply address.



@MichaelReznicek then Microsoft must have made a change. But there is no way to change the address it comes from.


Los Gallardos
Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)

Only information I have found about this is roadmap 98197:
However, this is stating the exact opposite "Site sharing e-mails will now send from the sharing user's mailbox", so that just adds to the confusion.


Edit: we have the same problem at my company


We are experiencing the same change a few days ago. Before this mails have been sent via the users mailbox (also found in sent items) but no they are sent from the no-reply-address. From now on these are external e-mails (marked by us) and there are also restrictions sending mails to a lot of internal people from outside. Unfortunatly there is no official information on that and as PALV-IT replied, there are some confusing roadmap entries. From them I understand that sending notifications will also be done via the users mailbox as like it was before with the Send to-Button.
It seems that something has changed again on the behavior of this notifications. Our users are reporting that this notifications are again send from their own mailbox. I did some testing and currently mails via "send to" are send via the users mailbox.
Yes, same here. Seems to be working again as it should.
Thanks for the update.
It is also working for us again.