Change left navigation to top navigation on modern teamsite

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We got a modern team site with left navigation and we want to hide the left navigation and unhide the navigation in the top bar. In the end we want navigation like this:

SP navigation.PNG


How can we achieve this?


We do not want navigation above the site name but right next to the site name or underneath. In the example above: right next to 'Landings'


Would love to hear a solution for this.

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Not possible currently. They showed this feature as coming at Ignite, and it should have been here by now, but no idea when we can expect it. It's coming, just not yet, so you're stuck with left nav until them.

You can also get top Nav by joining your Modern Team site to a hub and use the global nav, but that's only way to get a form of top Nav currently.

@Chris Webb 

Any news after one year?

My mind is blown as to why this was not an option from the very beginning, let alone why this hasn't been implemented yet. We have a Hub site (Communication) and the links are available in that location there and they work great. Having the same navigational look and feel across all sites, especially when associated to a hub, is important.
I'm looking forward to an update to this request.

@Rolf_Kruitwagen  Yeah I want to know because no one uses left-navigation 98% most of the time. 

Any update on this? 

I would also would like to know of an update on this
I wanted our Teams SP site to look like the rest in our hub, so I ended up duplicating the content on a brand new communications site and changing the link from Teams to direct to the new site. It was a pain, but for me the visual consistency is important.

@Joni_Kirk Yeah we shouldn't have to go through hoops just to change the navigation style. Microsoft needs to focus more on UX.