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I've recently taken over Sharepoint administration from my colleague.

I renamed a content type column in a list which has now renamed columns in multiple lists associated to that content type.

Is there some way I can revert those changes.

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It looks like you have renamed at the Site Column level because of which it has updated all lists using this site column. But don't worry, you can navigate to Site Settings -> Site Columns -> Locate your Site Column which was added to your Content Type and rename this Site Column with your previous name/text and click on ok which will rename your column back to your previous name/text and update all lists using this site column.

Note - If you rename a Site Column, only the Display Name changes whereas the Internal name remains the same and further you can rename with new/old value which changes the Display Name and updates all lists using this Site Column. @Devp20


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@Swaminathan Sriram thanks for the reply.

This column s now appearing in every list and library in the entire site collection.

Moreover, since I set this column as a required filed it appears in every library as a required field and users now having issues saving files.

I can't even delete it 




I cant see the column under site columns.


I can see that this column is listed under a content type but can't delete.


mu resolution is to go into every library and set that column as hidden so it doesn't appear in any forms or document properties 



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Hi @Devp20,
In the screen which you have attached, click on Edit Site Column -> Navigate to "Require that this column contains information" -> Make it to "No" and then click on ok. Now, you will be redirected back to the screen you have attached -> Go to Column settings area and then,
1. if you only want the field to be optional field -> choose optional-> Click ok.
2. If you want the field to not appear in forms -> Choose Hidden -> Click ok.
Also, in this same page, ensure that the configuration "Update all content types inheriting from this type" is "Yes".
This should solve your query. Please let us know.

@Swaminathan Sriram Thank you, that fixed one of my problems. I could rename the column and set the column as optional 


in the second screen after I select hidden and ok I get the error below