Change colour on specific text in Sharepoint




I need to change colour on specific text in sharepoint.

I´ve tried with a lot of the features in ThemePalette but can´t find the one that is for these kind of text.


the text I want to edit the color on is the "system"text when you create a news as you can see below, it´s also the text which are inside documentlibraries on the files:






Do you know which feature I´ll need to change in the ThemePalette?



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Have you tried the column / view formatting feature in Lists and document libraries:

Thanks, I have not but that only solves the problem on the documentlibrary and not the text for News articles and stuff like that unfortunately.


But I´ll have a look on that one for the libraries - However, that must be done for every library, should be able to do it in the themepalette instead..

@Juan Carlos González Martín