Change a Modern SharePoint subsite to its own site


I have a modern SharePoint site that I am using as a 'template'. 

What I am actually doing is copying the content from the parent site to a subsite.


What I end up with is a URL looking like this:


I want to know if I can take the subsite and make it independent of the parent site:


From my research I see that I can change the URL of the subsite, but not make a subsite independent of the parent site.


I am happy to use PowerShell to facilitate this change.


Any help appreciated.


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Hello @CheWeigand


the only thing that i can find is this article about "Promote subsite into site" 


Best, Dave

Hi David,

Didn't want to purchase a app to do something that should be possible in PowerShell. Thanks for your reply.


You can't move it straight over but you can use PnP provsinioning to get a template of the site, and then you can apply it to a new site.

Content must be moved manually thou :)

Hi Nicholas,

I have worked with PnP before, but it used a Subsite to my Template site. I will read this thoroughly and see if I can apply it to our needs.

Thanks again!