Change a Hyperlink Column Type long hyperlink to button or word

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I am not having luck making this work. How can I use Json to make everyone of my column items in the Link to Item column a button that takes me to this link.  Something prettier than this.  The column type is a hyperlink and the column name is link to item.  Hopefully this is enough information.



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@VeeExcelLearn Use JSON column formatting like: 



    "$schema": "",
    "elmType": "a",
    "attributes": {
        "href": "@currentField",
        "target": "_blank"
    "style": {
        "text-decoration": "none"
    "children": [
            "elmType": "button",
            "txtContent": "Link to Item",
            "style": {
                "cursor": "pointer",
                "width": "100%"





You can applying CSS styling using available properties given in documentation: formatting-syntax-reference style 

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Its working but it did give me this error...when I tried to save. I am not sure why it did that but the buttons do appear and they work..never seen that before.

Error saving column format: {"d": {"CustomFormatter": "{\"$schema\":\"https:\u002F\\u002Fjson-schemas\u002Fsp\u002Fv2\u002Fcolumn-formatting.schema.json\",\"elmType\":\"a\",\"attributes\":{\"href\":\"@currentField\",\"target\":\"_blank\"},\"style\":{\"text-decoration\":\"none\"},\"children\":[{\"elmType\":\"button\",\"txtContent\":\"Link to Item\",\"style\":{\"cursor\":\"pointer\",\"width\":\"100%\"}}]}", "Id": ""}}
Switch to design mode
This formatting JSON will be discarded

@VeeExcelLearn I am not getting this error while saving JSON.


Refresh the page & try again saving the JSON formatting.

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