Change a Choice Column to a Yes/No column

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I've created a SharePoint list from an Excel spreadsheet to use as a data source, and it has imported my data in some instances as Choice columns.

However, I want them to be Yes/No columns.

Unfortunately the Yes/No option is missing from both the Edit Column menu, and the list of column options when clicking the column from within List Settings.

How can I change these columns to Yes/No columns?

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Go with "Boolean" type to get the yes/no column.


  1. Navigate to Your SharePoint List:

    • Go to your SharePoint site and open the desired list.
  2. Access List Settings:

    • Click on the gear icon :gear: or "Site Actions" (depending on your SharePoint version) and select "Site contents."
    • Find and open the specific list for which you want to create the column.
    • Inside the list, click on the settings icon (typically :gear:) and select "List settings."
  3. Add a New Column:

    • Under the "Columns" section, click on "Create column."
  4. Configure the Column:

    • Provide a name for your column, for example, "Yes/No Field."
    • For the type of information, select "Yes/No" (which represents boolean values).
  5. Further Settings (Optional):

    • You might have additional settings like default values or validation settings. Adjust them according to your needs.
    • Click "OK" or "Save" to create the column.
What you are seeing is corret, you cannot convert a choice column into a Yes/No (Boolean) column

It's not correct at all. He wants to know how to change his column type. There is no correct or incorrect. The user needs to change his column type to what he needs, not what Microsoft tells him he can and cannot have. @Juan Carlos González Martín 

Let me say it on a different way: He cannot change the column type from choice to boolean because it's not supported. Only solution here is the workaround provided by Neeraj.
Choice columns cannot be changed to Yes/No columns. You only need to delete the Choice column and add new Yes/No column for this as required.
(Copy the column name before deletion so that you can paste it correctly, while creating new Yes/No column.)