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We use the functionality manged metadata navigation in Site Pages library. The navigation changed recently. It was tree view, but couple of days before it has changed to list view. It's completely useless for us now Users are used to tree view. It's possible to change to tree view, but it's additional 2 clicks. Also, the filter doesn't work when it's switched to tree view, there are no search results.


Does anybody knows if there were chages in functionality? I didn't find anything about it.


Thanks a lot.


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Yes, Microsoft is working on a new version of the manage metadata service and also how manage metadata can be used in the SPO modern experiences
We are experiencing the same thing. But from yesterday the listview and treeview are completely gone in our tenant. There is an updated message center bulletin about this in MC208986



I just made a similar post before seeing this one. 


I'll try to update this post if I get anything. I am having the same experience though. We're relying on the filtering by Managed Metadata, it's sort of crucial for our document library. This new list view default is useless when storing full term paths in columns.

Thanks for replies, at least I know what's going one.


This is really frustrating and hard to explain to users. I can understand that nothing can be perfect and every system has it pros and cons. But I can't understand the fact that functionality that we use is suddenly corrupted and useless anymore. Does anyone know how Microsoft explains these changes? How can you use this system for business critical solutions when this is happening all the time? This is at least 4th case in our organization for last year.

@oznetPeto I'd love Microsoft to update on this. I watched a video on Metadata filters and went to roll it out excited by the nesting of tags. Now I built the library I can only access list view - the tree view is 2 extra clicks and doesn't dynamically update content. 


tl:dr I'd like to be able to select tree view as the default



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I've got a response from tech support on this issue a few weeks ago - they've confirmed it on their end now and the issue is now in the hands of the software engineers - so hopefully we will see a fix pretty soon! They haven't given an ETA yet but I can try to update here if they give me one.


Have a great day!

Following! I just spent months building out term sets only to find in testing I won't be able to keep any of my promises to my already skeptical colleagues. I hope there is a fix soon!





May be a while, still no update from them yet - feel your pain though! If you have some programming experience you might explore creating a custom webpart through SPFX - this has actually been working really well for us. It took me a few days to pick up SPFX (followed some tutorials) and get a solution for us (I've been tweaking it periodically over the last few weeks). I'd say I have moderate programming skills - not a full time developer.


A year later and they are still working on it?


I experience managed metadata has strange behavior. If I select a parent term in my hierarchical tree, I would expect it to include all underlying terms, but it does not, you have to click all of them. This also makes it impossible to create a reliable filtered view including all terms under a certain parent.


Although a hierarchical term set looks like a good alternative for a folder hierarchy, it turns out this is currently far too complex for users and useless for good filtering. I guess we have to stay with the folders.