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Hello all,


I'm having some trouble searching for a way to center a master page or a modern experience page in SharePoint. There is so much space on the right and I'd like to have it centered rather than have everything all to the left.


PS. I removed the current nav on the left (which is what I prefer)


Anyone know how I can make everything on my site centered?



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@yammy Unfortunately, there is no supported way of doing this in a Office 365 Team Site. There are some hacks out there utilizing SPFx Extensions, but I advise against this.



If you want content centered and no left nav bar, you should create a communication site. By removing the left nav bar in a team site, you have also removed the search box. No one can use search on your site - not from a page or in a list or library or anywhere.


In either case, you will have the same amount of white space. It's just split differently on a comm site.

@yammy we're busy adding vertical sections as our laptops are 1920x1080 and up to now there has been a lot of white space on the right. But a vertical section uses up the white space, particularly if you use the Quick Access menu on the left as the result is perfect. If you don't there is still a small amount of white space but it's better than before.

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Not sure if Microsoft did this by mistake or not, but do the following to center your content. Found this little trick by accident.

Gear > Change the look > Navigation > Horizontal Orientation > Site navigation visibility off


This worked. I was working on hiding the navigation because I can't control it via group settings in our team site, so I had the navigation turned off by default. The moment I turned it on, the content got centered. I turned it off again and it stayed that way. :)

It works - thank you!!!
This works like a charm! Thank you.

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Microsoft released these new features for navigation in SharePoint team sites.


You can either hide the site navigation using "site navigation visibility" option or move site navigation from left side to the top of the page just below the site header like on a SharePoint communication site.


You can find more information about these features at: New Navigation features for SharePoint team sites 

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Great idea, you are the champ