Cascading dropdown list using script in sharepoint new experience mode

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I am looking for the way to create a cascading dropdown filter list between 2 column (for example: Country and State). I understand that we able to do it with PowerApp. But however, I don't want to change the whole form to use PowerApp because of this dropdown list.

I can do it using a Contect Editor Script mode (Webpart) in classic sharepoint experience and it is work very well. Unfortunaterly, this Content Editor Script is not support and work with new experience of sharepoint.


So, I would to check whether is there anyways to create this cascading dropdown list in only the form Json format? without using PowerApp?




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Unfortunately in modern SPO you cannot achieve thas functionality withouth following the PowerApps or SPFx approach

Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín Martin, now I try to use the PowerApp, however it is seem like the "filter" function not support the other unicode landguage. I can do it successful with english language but not my Cambodian language.

my list as the following image.



The only thing you can do to achieve a similar effect without customizing in PowerApps or SPFX is to create a managed metadata column and a termset that is strutured like a tree

This is an alternative way to handle hierarchical data.

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Thanks@SvenSieverding , I have a long list, more than a thousand records. I think this method is not suitable of my requirement.


@bolychen Whether you have achieved this effect, I am also facing this question