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Hi Microsoft


I am struggling with a problem and have watched so many video, read so much content, but not finding what I am looking for.


I created a list in SharePoint with over one hundred columns as I am building a process business flow for my company. I have two choice columns where the selection of the one Colum will determine what selection is available in the next Colum.


I have status of account choices and when a choice is selected, the submit form will drop down the correct business function the form must be submitted to. 


I would appreciate good feedback that works.  




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@Carole1983 Hi there,


If I understand your question correct I would use PowerApps to solve this.
SP Guides have a guide helping you to solve just that.

@Carole1983 Yes, you have to use cascading dropdown in list forms by customizing list forms using Power Apps.


Check below Microsoft official documentation for complete tutorial on cascading dropdowns:

  1. Cascading Dropdowns in Power Apps from SharePoint list 
  2. Create dependent drop-down lists in a canvas app 

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