Carrying permissions in a site template or a Document Library Template

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I am creating a folder structure that requires unique permissions for 11 of the folders within it.  The structure is Year>Venue>Month>Event and then under each event folder is where we will have the same 11 folders.   Once I have all the folders in place it works out that there are just under 3000 folders in total depending on the volume of events per month.  


I want to be able to set the permissions on the 11 folders and then be able to copy them across to the other months whilst retaining the permissions and then also retain the permissions when using the site template again for a new year.  I have also checked to see if this is possible to do in a document library template but it does not seem to retain the security.  It's not practical to set the permissions each time due to the high volume of folders.


Has anyone got any ideas, suggestions or workarounds?  

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