Carousel Images are 16:9 / 1080 x 1920 and there is a gray band at the bottom of the carousel

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Hi, all,

I am working on making an "announcement" carousel at the front of my firm's SharePoint page. We wanted the information to show directly on the screen when you log in. I have tried many, many thing. I have tried all the different aspect ratios that I have found online. The default ratio reads as 16:9. I've even seen on this Microsoft Help page the ratio 21:9, which absolutely does not work. Here is a screenshot of the little bottom boarder I am talking about. 


This is a full 16:9, but I had to cut out some personal information for my sight. Just look at that grey boarder. We want it to blend seamlessly into the webpage's white, but it is looking impossible. Here is another feed with this question, but you can still see the lines in the example sent, and another feed left without a response. Would love if Microsoft would just tell us that it isn't possible.


Would love any help that can be provided! Thank you,

Noah Jaccard

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