Capture versions of document set automatically when an item is changed (power automate)

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Does anyone know if there´s any way I can set up a flow in power automate to capture a version of a document set when an item is changed? (e.g Major Version published)I know there are not out of the box features do deal with docsets in power automate (at least for know), but perhaps with the action "send http request to sharpoint" there's a way I can do it. If anyone knows a way to do this (even without power automate) I would be extremly glad.


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@lourencosilva  did you find a solution for this?

Edit - judging from the post below the option to capture a Doc Set version is not available in Flow or REST.

"There is no such method in REST API to “Capture Version” currently, I can’t find any workaround either."

Hi @nullorempty,


I did not find any solution with flow. However, I did manage to accomplish it via workflows. If you install SharePoint Designer 2013 and connect it to your site you can build a workflow to capture a version given an action you have chosen. 

Here's my workflow in SharePoint Designer: 


And here's the website that helped me:


Do you know if you can get the "capture version" property via a REST API call? If there's any way to get that information you could use the function "send http request to SharePoint" and change that value.

I did a similiar thing but to change the "approval status" of a document set.

In this example the "approval status" column is equivalent to the "OData__ModerationStatus". If there is a field for the property "capture version", perhaps there would be a way to manipulate it.


@lourencosilva ,

It looks like this is now possible.

Just had the same requirement for Safety Procedure documents sets, and it turns out the Microsoft Graph Beta (as of 5 May 2022) has a way to do this

Haven't tried it yet, but looks like it will be able to be done with Power Automate and an HTTP request. In my case when the status of the document set changes.