Cannot upload documents in Library with a Date Column created through the Library UI

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Probably inner-ring tenants, observed on two demo tenants and one paid tenant. Have been observing for approximately a week.



In SPO, if a Date Column with a default value is added to a Library using the "Add Column" option available from the Library page (As opposed to adding a column via the Library Settings page), it is no longer possible to upload documents or create folders in the library.



  • Create a new Document Library
  • Using the "+ Add Column" button, create a a Date Column. Set the name to "DateColumn" and use the Default Value drop-down to select a date in the past. Click Save
  • Attempt to create a folder, note the error message: "Cannot create folder "<path>""
  • Attempt to upload a document, note the error message "The URL '<path>' is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web."

Can work around the issue by creating a column via Library Settings instead of straight from the Document Library.

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I have been able to repro this and the issue happens when you specify a date in the past as default value. If you don't specify a date in the past, you can normally create folders and/or upload files to the document lbirary @Lincoln DeMaris FYI