cannot see a list of new column created in sharepoint list

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I have created a new column (Calculated), called "Overdue days" in sharepoint list.

Then, tried to set a new rule in Automate tab. 

Once I clicked "A column value changes" under "Create a rule", then I clicked "Choose a column". But I could not see  "Overdue days". 

I can see this column when I view the list in All items. 

Wondering why i cannot see it in the list in creating a rule. 


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@KMK82 you cannot use a calculated column in a rule which is why it doesn't appear in the list of columns. It's the same limitation within Power Automate where you cannot add a filter query using a calculated column.


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@KMK82 You can find the list of supported/unsupported columns and more information about Rules feature in SharePoint at: Rules in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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