Cannot move lists from "Site Contents" to a "Document Library"

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I have multiple lists that've been made in "Site Contents" and I need to move them to a Document Library that I've made. When googling, all tutorials say "Select all items" however I do not have that option. I'm using SharePoint online. As you can see in the picture, I do not have the circles to the left of the name that gives me the ability to select. Untitled.png

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@mbr0wn lists and document libraries are different things. Why are you trying to move a list to a document library?

I want a folder to put all my similar list in. In the "+New" option up top, I see no folder option so I assumed document library had the same function.
You cannot put lists in a folder, it doesn't work like that. If you want them to live in the library, add them as links through the "+new" menu inside the library - it'll create objects people can click to get to the lists.

@mbr0wn When you create a list it will always be added to the Site Contents page. A list cannot be moved from there other than to a different site. The site contents page cannot have folders. A document library is designed to store documents but you can't put a list in there because a list is not a document. A document library can have folders as it's a good way to split up documents into logical groups.


When your google searches mentioned "select all items" that is when you open a list. You can select 1 item, multiple items or all items. There is no mechanism to select all items in the site contents page.


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