Cannot enter selection in lookup field

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Hi all!


This morning, I have users that are unable to make a selection in a lookup field. 


At first glance, it looks like a selection has been made from the drop-down but with a weird extra boarder around the bottom and left edge of the box.


But as soon as we start entering data in other fields, the lookup entry is removed.


This means that it is impossible for our users to use the lists. 


Things I have checked:

- This is happening in Chrome and Edge

- Does not appear to be all users. 

- Classic mode allows the list to be used normally

- The issue persists after removing the custom form code. 

- This is happening on different lists with different lookups.


Has anyone else experienced this today? I can't find any other reports, here or on reddit.


Thank you in advance for any assistance on this. 


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Same here.
It works when I set the lookup column as optional. But only if the lookup column is the only one on the form. 

When there are more fields the selected lookup value gets lost every time I navigate into another field. The lookup value has to be the last one selected before saving the form. 


Hope MS fixes this soon.

Thank you for your reply. It's great to know I'm not the only one with this issue.
I have the same issue. Everything was working fine until some days ago and today I've noticed this issue. This issue is not present in all sites but only on some and not for all useres.
At least for me and some other users this bug is gone today ✌