Cannot enable list templates or publishing

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I am a global admin and site admin to several hub sites. I have all settings set to the same in both collections and site features for Hubs A and Hub B.............Hub B has list templates under Web Design Gallery but Hub A does not. In hub A, I only see site columns and site content types. 


-custom scripting is turned on in SP admin center

-team collaboration turned on in both


I think I need to turn on Service Publishing Infrastructure although the Hub B that does have list templates, this feature is off. But it could have been turned on at one point. Either way, I cannot turn on publishing in Hub A to see if this is why I dont see list templates. Why can I not turn on publishing?



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@Rachael Walker  that sounds like you are trying to use some of the traditional (classic) sharepoint features in new hub sites, and that won't work very well. The new Hubs sites are not going to do anything with list templates or the Publishing infrastructure features.

What is your ultimate goal? there may be some other ways to accomplish it.

@Dean Gross I want to create a document library that can be recreated with the same settings and same columns so that users can go to Add an App and pick our company document library

@Rachael Walker  one way to accomplish that is with a Site Design Script. see to get started.


Another way would be to use the PnP Provisioning tools see