Cannot edit column types

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Hello everyone, 


I can't edit column type on a column. 


Does anyone know how to change that?




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Hi @BeakalSebsebe ,

this is a "Lookup" column and you cannot change the type of a lookup column to another type. You will have to delete and re-create that column

You can only change types between the following column types

  • Single Line of Text
  • Multiple Lines of Text
  • Choice
  • Number
  • Currency
  • Yes/No



These are the "simple" column types that internally more or less work the same....

The other types like "Lookup" and "Managed Metadata" Fields store data differently internally and have more possible settings. For example are two fields created if you create one "Managed Metadata" field -  the managed metadata column and a hidden multiline text field.
That is why you cannot easily map back from them to a "simple" column type.

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Best Regards,