Cannot drag web parts on home page of Communications SharePoint 365 site.

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For some reason on one specific Communications SharePoint site, we are not able to drag web parts on the home page. We can drag web parts on subpages but not the home page. 


For another Communications SharePoint site, I can drag web parts on the home page, it is just one site that we are not able to drag web parts. We can create, edit, delete, but not move web parts on the homepage for one site. We can drag sections on the homepage up and down and also move the items around in the Hero section of the Communication SharePoint home page.


Copying the homepage and then trying to drag web parts also fails. As I cannot create a new Communications SharePoint home page, I need to understand why the web parts are not able to be moved. The move button is present and the cursor indicates movement but when you drop the web part to the new location, nothing happens. 


I cannot find anything on the support areas about why this happens when other Communication sites are working fine and I can do everything on non-homepage pages.


Let me know if you have ever seen this.


Note: I am setup as owner of the site so I have full access.

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Do you get any errors in the when trying in Console under developer settings in your browser? What does that error say?

If you create a new site page, does it work there ?

If yes then create a new "Home Page" using this method:
Add-PnPClientSidePage -LayoutType Home -Name "Home" <----(This can be anything)



I get similar errors when editing pages where I can drag web parts. When I try to drag a web part, I get the following error


Error: Error: Idle tracking cookie is missing.
at IdleSessionActivityMonitor.GetIssoCookieValue (activitymonitor.js:379:23)
at IdleSessionActivityMonitor.InitializeSettingsFromCookie (activitymonitor.js:363:57)
at LogIssoActivity (activitymonitor.js:130:26)


I have created another page and made it a homepage and can move the web parts but the only issue is that you cannot remove the title area from the new page. The title area does not exist in the original homepage but you cannot remove it entirely from any new page created. I see that you can make it smaller but there is still always a bar area where the title is that cannot be removed. How to hide title from Sharepoint page - Microsoft Community Hub. Note that I have also tried copying the homepage and rebuilding it however the copied homepage still has problems with web part drag and drop not working. 


So I guess that I will just have to resort to using a new page as homepage and live with the extra space in the title area that cannot be removed. At least with the new homepage, I can move web parts.


Thank you

Have you tried the snipped I created? :) It will create a Home page file in the same way as the original aka without title field . And you should be able to move webparts

@David_Garrett You can create a site page without title and header similar to home page by following this article: SharePoint Online: Create a blank page without header & title 


You can either follow the steps using browser/UI or use the PowerShell given at the end of article for your newly created page.

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Thank you. The problem is that the issue with dragging the web parts is with the homepage, so copying it does not solve the problem.
Thanks, I will need to work with IT to get install and configure PnP PowerShell for SharePoint. I will let you know if I have any further questions.

Good luck, it should work. :) 

I've had the same issue and it's due to the due fault "page" being corrupt.