Cannot Contact Attendees from SharePoint Group Calendar

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I had a question about SharePoint and the Group Calendar function. I have a group calendar set up in SharePoint, also synced to my Outlook. My issue is regarding meeting notices. I can create a meeting notice in the Group Calendar and invite attendees, as well as edit the notice normally (add attendees, change the time, cancel it, etc.)


However, once I close and reopen Outlook, I am no longer able to make changes to the meeting notice that will also show up for the attendees. It's almost like I no longer become the meeting owner, because, although I can change the time and even delete the meeting, it will not inform nor change the notice for any of the attendees. I can still see the list of attendees if I click the "Schedule Assistant" tab, but none of the changes I make carry over to them. I have tried on both the Outlook version of the SharePoint Calendar and the SharePoint site. 


Any advice to fix or work around this would be much appreciated. 


Edit: I confirmed this issue only happens when I have restarted my computer. Closing and reopening Outlook does not seem to affect the meeting notice, but restarting does.

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Bumping this question--has anyone experienced this issue?