Can you bulk assign task in SharePoint

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Is it possible to bulk assign or assign multiple employees 50+ the same task on SharePoint list? 


In the assigned area I can see that I can assign one person and add more people in if I want to. Ideally I don't want to have to manually add 50+ people to one task. 


Is this possible to do? How would I go about doing this? 




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It is possible that I misunderstand your question, but I think the disadvantage of assigning the same task to 50 people is that when the first person who performed the task marks it as finished, the task is to be considered finished for the other 49 as well. Are you sure you do not really want to create 50 identical tasks for these people?

Hi @Magnus Goksøyr,


Apologies for the late reply. What I'm trying to do is have policies that our employees need to sign off on. So everyone in the business needs to have their own set of tasks assigned to them, not just one task that all 50 people are assigned to. So for example if I want everyone in the business to sign off on a sustainability policy each person would be assigned that task on a sharepoint list.... it may look something like this:


The assigned person will be the employee and attached to them will be the task/policy they need to sign off on. 


is it possible to bulk assign the same tasks individually across 50 people. So each employee has their own area where tasks are visible. 


Hopefully this makes more sense?