Can we use Microsoft SharePoint site to author help documents and publish in Online and Offline mode

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Currently, in my organization, I use MS Word document as the authoring tool to document instructions mostly targeted at our internal customer facing teams. Every month I work on almost 10 new set of documents (for all the monthly product releases) and upload them to customer SharePoint site. Before the milestone/release date, I maintain all these documents in another SharePoint site location that is accessible only to few teams before publishing them to customer SharePoint site.


With each release, it is becoming very difficult to manage them in MS Word format, maintain two versions of same document in two SharePoint locations, updating reference links between documents. (For example, a document in customer SharePoint should point to a document in customer SharePoint and not to under-development SharePoint site.)


Keeping all this in mind, here is my question:


  • Is there a way to use SharePoint site as the authoring tool itself that can provide both HTML view and MS Word Download option of the HTML view?  (An example of HTML view alone, "How to Use this Library page"). This will help customers to view the instructions in both Online and Offline modes. If they have internet they can directly follow the instructions. In other case, they can download a copy of the instructions (in Word format) for offline view. I've seen this kind of option in Altassian Confluence wiki pages.

This will help me in reducing my effort in maintaining huge sets of documents on a monthly basis and avoid lot of common errors.


I can also think of maintaining the Work-in-progress documents on the customer facing SharePoint page till the milestone/release date. After I make the customer SharePoint site public, customer will be able to access the same site. Through this, I'll be able to save lot of time by maintaining only one version of the document sets. Thereby, avoiding flip-flopping between two SharePoint sites.


In short, can I use the SharePoint site to develop content (documents) with proper bookmarks in HTML View and can it give me an option to download the HTML content in MS Word format? 


Any suggestion in this regard will be really helpful.




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