Can we show a "Group by" list and insert into Sharepoint page as Chart?

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I am using modern SP and can insert a simple dummy list, "Employee count by department" into SP page as Chart webpart

Dummy Group by list



But it isn't productive as I prefer the "Group by" can be derive by the Chart web part from my "Employee" list

Employee List

Title (Email)DepartmentNameOther details
emp001@company.comITEmployee 001...
emp002@company.comHREmployee 002...


I know the workaround is to integrate with Power BI (desktop) and perform all sort of pulling and aggregation. But I would hope to only to complete the simple task within modern SharePoint Page + List + web part.


Please share your input if there is a way. Thanks a lot~


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I guess by derive you mean to connect both WebParts. Unfortunately not all the WebParts in SPO can be connected so when you select an item of data in a WebPart you see the details on the other one.

good day, @Juan Carlos González Martín , i can pull SP list from the Chart webpart. My problem is why can't the Chart web part provide more aggregation functions like (Count, Sum, Group By), with that we can derive more fancy charts & graphs within Sharepoint pages without the worry to integrate with PowerBI. It saved tons of effort and investment in long run.