Can we change the Font text & color for our modern SharePoint online UI

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I am starting a new SharePoint online project, and the first requirement that came in is to build a POC site for the customer, but they want to define a custom Fonts and Colors for the site to meet their standards.. so is this possible inside SharePoint modern UI ? to define custom fonts and Colors other than the build-in features provided by the Sitting>> Change the Look.. which does have a coloring options but does not have any options to change the font.


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Hi, you can use the below link to change the color and have a preview of how the controls and other elements will change.
For font change, as of now there is no recommended approach but it can be done via custom SharePoint extension.

@Sudharsan Kok thanks for the font so is this  a valid approach to follow:--


I can create a new theme. Color palette and fonts.

Will need to export the theme, change it, then import it again.

In Powershell, run this:

Connect-SPOService -Url

Enter your central admin credentials.


Now, define a variable and assign the JSON to it:

$themepalette = [paste the code here]

Next, run the Add-SPOTheme commandlet: Add-SPOTheme

-Name "Your Theme Name" -Palette $themepalette -IsInverted $false T

You can access it from the “Change the look” panel.



Is the above steps valid/recommended?


You can use the above commands for customizing the colour.

@Sudharsan K  so you mean the steps i mentioned can be used to change the colors but not the font? did i get your point correctly?Thanks