Can we allow SharePoint 2019 OneDrive to sync outside of domain/intranet?

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I want to sync SharePoint 2019 site library to local file system via OneDrive using Sync option of SharePoint library and User should be able to sync outside of intranet/Domain register PC. Like we can do that using office 365 OneDrive. 

I have setup the configuration as per Microsoft Article.

OneDrive work fine and user can be able to access my site and one drive using web browser outside of intranet. How ever when I tried to sync folder it's open OneDrive popup to login then it not able to login.

After Click on sync button, it will open this window.


After click on sign in it will fail


It will work fine in intranet network (domain register PC) and after click sign in it will open window popup to ask credential. Once sign in I was able to sync.

Any help would be appreciated.

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