Can we allow external users to access shared files using one-time access code instead of login

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We have a SharePoint modern communication site >> and using a site admin >> i shared a file with external user >> by selecting the file >> click on Manage Access >> Advanced >> stop sharing the permission >> add the external user with contribute permission.


Then the external user will get an email >> click on the file link inside the email >> login using Personal Microsoft account Or Organizational account.


now my question is if we can force the access to the file to be done by sending a one-time code to the external user email >> enter the code >> access the file.. is this possible?



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Yes, that's possible but you need to configure OTP use in Azure AD first

@Juan Carlos González Martíncan you advice more on this ? how i can achieve it? second question, will also sharing a site with external users allow them to login to the SharePoint site using OTP access? or this will only work for sharing files?