Can we add more font colors on SharePoint modern pages.

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There are only limited Theme colors & Standard colors as mentioned in the screenshot, Is there any way we can get more font color options when we text on modern pages ?

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To do so, you will need to use the Fluent UI theme generator. Then use PowerShell to implement custom theme.

I can try to create an instructional video for how to solve this.

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Sure. Please do, that will be helpful. Thank you.

@ArefHalmstrand  thank you. I am trying to use Fluent UI theme generator but having issues, can you please send instructional video ?

@Bharath975 Hello!

Forgive me, I have been a bit busy with work. I will upload the video instructions in a couple of hours.

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@Bharath975 Here is the link, enjoy!

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@ArefHalmstrand  Thank you so much for the video :smile:, I was able to create custom theme, but  I am still seeing only limited color options for text , I tried adding more colors on PowerShell script, but those are not showing as options to choose from theme colors. Is this expected ? Please find attached screenshot.

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@Bharath975 Hello,

Unfortunately the properties are quite difficult to manipulate without causing to much changes in the SharePoint Online theme settings. We have to use the three "main colors" and from that, leverage the available options. For the moment, this is the expected behavior. 

To test the properties further:

Click on "Semantic slots" and you will be able to see in more detail, how the colors are affecting each element.

Note, that in the PowerShell script, you will have the possibility to set each of the variable colors to your choosing. 




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@ArefHalmstrand thank you so much for your help.

You are very welcome ! :)

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There is a very useful article from Laura Kokkarinen, here about exploring the theme colors aspects.