Can we add a Dynamic filters to the News modern web part, so we can filter based on custom property

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Inside our sharepoint online classic team site, i have added a custom site column to the "Site Pages" library. the custom site column named "News Category" of type drown. so when we add a new modern page we can assign it a "News Category", as follow:-


and inside our site's home page, i added a News modern web part, where inside its settings i can define to filter the News pages based on the "News Category" as follow:-





but my question if i can inside the News modern page part, to show all the News pages, and to have the ability to dynamically filter the News pages based the the "News Category" drop-down?

if i can not have this ability by default,,then will it be hard to develop an SPFX to do so? mainly to have a News modern web part with dynamic filtering capabilities?



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The News WebPart does not provide a filter builtin capability so if you need this, you have (as you well mention) to create your custom WebParts...if you are familiar with SPFx Development, this should not be very complex to develop...indeend you just need to use SPO REST APIs where you pass the custom metadata as filter for your news and also implement the user experience you want

This is exactly what I would need to. Isn't this something that can easily be added by Microsoft?

Having dynamic filtering in the News Web Part would make it easy to target the page to different regions, or be able to select  news based on topics (depending on the metadata applied to the pages library).

Is this something Microsoft is thinking about?