Can't share files/folders to groups in OneDrive/SharePoint after 'Refreshed Manage Access' rollout

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After the OneDrive: Sharing Experiences - Refreshed Manage Access change rolled out, I can't share files or folders to groups anymore in SharePoint or OneDrive. The revamped Share / Manage Access dialog can find only individual users but not groups.


The only way to share / add Direct Access to new groups seems to be through the Advanced Settings view, which only admins can access.


Is this an intended feature, a bug, or have some 'sharing to groups' configs changed?


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Hello @katriinav 


i can choose only M365 Groups, no Security Groups.


Did this also work with security groups?


Best, Dave

Thanks @David Mehr, that would explain it! All the sites I tried use Security Groups almost exclusively. 


Interestingly enough, however, the new Manage Access experience / dialog has just disappeared from our instance and we're back to the old one ... so now I can't try if MS365 groups would indeed work.

@katriinav After a long call with support, we found an answer that worked for me. If you select the folder that you grant access to (with a green check in the circle), click on the Open the details pane "i with a circle around it". The leftmost icon below it is Add a Person or Group. Here you are able to add users and security groups.