Can't select Tasks as App in SP online

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Hi all,

I want to add a task list to my website content. I try to add it via Apps but Tasklists (or Tasks or whatever) is not shown. I can only select very few things there. 

Can someone tell me why? I have the NGO licence.

Thx in advance for any hint.


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@a_ziegler Please let me know if you need something like this:


For the same go to edit page,click on add webpart and then add the task list webpart.

Once the webpart is added click on the edit webpart for more option.


This will open the more option for the webpart where you can select the configuration you want.


Please let me know if this helps. If understood the problem statement incorrectly please let me know as well.



thx for the quick answer. Yes, something like that would be sufficient.

My problem is here also, that I don't have the WebParts option available, only "site columns" and "site content type". That's it. Seems the same like in App and the missing Task app.

Any known reason for that? Licence issue?

@a_ziegler Can you let me know what license is E1, E2 E3 and E4. As per my knowledge goes there should not be any restriction. 


To make sure we explored all the things correctly. Lets try creating a new page you can select something like a web part page or if you are in the pages library try creating a article page. 


Then click edit and you should see the following ribbon settings.