Can't see the group that's used to grant access to SharePoint

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I am making some changes to a SharePoint site and I currently have the groups admin and sharepoint admin roles. The issue is that I am trying to add a test account to the SPO but when I grant it access, neither of the roles that are present will actually give the new account access, and this 'SharePoint Allow' group that has all of the members cannot be seen on the Admin 'Active Groups' Panel.


It's like this group just dosent exist on my list and is hidden from me for some reason so I can't add members.





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@purps If it is a M365/Security/Mail-enabled security group or distribution list, you will see it under M365 admin center > active teams and groups section: 

ganeshsanap_0-1683805531364.pngIf it is a SharePoint group, you can find it under People and Groups section on SharePoint site. You can go to this section directly using URL in this format:


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Hello @purps


where do you give permissions? Send images, that will be help better to understand your issue.


Best, Dave