Can't See Make homepage

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Why their is no Make homepage when I right click this page. My account is global admin


Any ideas what cause the problem?


In other Site page that I have created I can find it



Reason? Cause? What to tweak?

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Hello @gmj12345 


is the "Make homepage" available in the command bar?



Is this behaviour only on one pages or on all?


Regards, Dave



Still Can't see it ..... :'(

Yes this page only

Hello @gmj12345 


try to set another page in this library as homepage and go back to the t.aspx and try again.


Regards, Dave

@gmj12345 Strange problem! I can see the Make homepage option for all pages in our SharePoint site both at context menu (when you right click the page) and command bar at the top of site pages library.


Note, if the page is already set as home page of site, that option might not be shown for respective site page.


Also, is this of type Site Page, Web part page, Link or anything else? 


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@ganeshsanap I agree with you this is a bizarre problem. The page that I am making as a Home page is a Site page 



Their is already a Home page (Default) but I want to change it but could not find the option for making it because the Site Page that I have created has no option for Make homepage which is a bit weird for me.


Any tweaks for this?


Not working