Can't open EXCEL attachments in a SharePoint List


I have a power automate flow that loads a SharePoint list and creates an attachment that is an xlsx file.  I grab the original file from onedrive and rename by putting the customer name in from of the file name.  When I try to open the attachment, it tells me that the workbook cannot be opened.  Any ideas of what is causing this?  I have done similar flows in the past, but those were with docx files.

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@rbutgins21 Can you show us how you configured power automate flow to create a excel file as attachment to list item?

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I dont think its just your flow causing the issue - we have a list with excel attatchments, that open fine. If we create a new list item manually and attach an excel file, it wont open the file when selecting the attachment, it will if the excel file is an older format, so XLS etc.


This litterally stopped working 2 days ago.


I have the same problem and situation since 2 days ago, I had to create a column to store the Link (full URI) of the file in order to open it. It worked, but it is not a solution. 

@SaettoneRoberto same here, my workaround is to zip them first

Seems it’s a Microsoft issue, which they applied a fix that didn’t work, and so are still working on it.




Is there a solution to this problem? I am facing this with png and pdf files.
Hello, do you have any updates on this issue, I am trying to open excel file attached to SP item and having same error "This workbook couldn't be opened because the file format may not be matching with the file extension."

@MZgheib for me it worked when i put the code below for contentbytes in the add attachement to sharepoint element function.  



hope it works for you too.



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@AlessioCecchin thanks for the reply, i don't have content type since i am not using get content from onedrive or sharepoint, instead i am using the manual trigger to upload files and then add these files to sharepoint item as attachments. Anyway eventually i had to change my flow's concept since dealing with attachments is very limited and requires lot of work compared to saving files directly to sharepoint folder.