Can't move/copy files to other site

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We control a tenant that has 2 sites.


We want to move files from the "Shared Documents" Document Library in site A to the "Shared Documents" Document Library in site B.

However when selecting a destination to move/copy to, I can't select or see site B.


These are both Modern Document Libraries.


I enabled custom scripting, I am the tenant admin, I have the correct permissions for everything.


Thanks in advance!

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How long ago was site B created, and have you created or edited any content in site B yet?

@Rob Ellis 


Hey Rob, thanks for responding!


The sites were both created 2 months ago (3/15).

They are both currently in use.


Site B is more active than A however, A has more data.

When you select the move/copy option - do you see other sites to select from? e.g. is it just site B that is missing?

@Rob Ellis 


I just made two test sites to check and they both show up.

ok - so on site B. compared to the new test sites - what's different? Are you a member or owner on the new one, but maybe just a site collection admin on site B?

@Rob Ellis 


I am owner on all sites.


I checked the permissions on the document libraries in the test sites and in site B, I see that the default groups (Visitors, Members and Owners) have different permission levels. 


In site B the default groups also have "Limited Access" in their permission levels 


Aantekening 2019-05-13 130440.jpg

("Bestuursbureau" = site B)


That's the only difference I can see.

Are you 'Following' Site B? I seem to remember Following a site (top right of the home page) fixed this for me once.

@Paul Chapman 


Yes! :) 


I hoped that would fix the problem.

ok - so permissions is probably not the problem.
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I fixed it?


I added a new clean site to the existing hub in which site A and B are connected. 

And now both site A,B and the new test site all show up in the "choose a destination" menu.


Maybe something went wrong with the hub functionality and it needed a refresh of some sorts.