Can't edit Hub Site navigation

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I have a series of Team sites associated with a Hub site (which is a Communications site), and I was able to edit the Hub Site navigation quite happily (via the 'Edit') link which appears at the end.  However, once I made this Hub site the Home site (so that it is accessible via, the Edit link no longer appears.


I've had MS support look into this but frankly they were useless, and after many weeks were not able to offer any solution.


Has anyone found a workaround for this?  Surely it must be a fairly standard implementation?

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Hi @paulmarshall844,

What permission does your account have on the Hub Site? I have seen this issue when the user doesn't have Full Control / Owner permission on the Hub Site.


@SteveKnutson Hi Steve, I am the Primary Admin / Site Owner for the Hub/Home site.

Could you show some pics for this problem?

@WangZhe123963 I've attached some screenshots below; the first shows the site from the Admin portal - you can see it is associated with a Hub and it is the home site, a Communications site.  I am shown as the administrator so have full privileges.

The second is a screengrab of the navigation - you can see the Edit link showing for the Site, but there is no Edit link on the Hub Navigation (the darker row); so I can't currently edit the Hub Site Navigation that sits above all sites associated with this Hub.

The issue seems to be some kind of link between the Hub site being made the Home site, but this is necessary in order to integrate the Intranet with Microsoft Teams.
   Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 15.19.59.pngScreenshot 2022-12-13 at 15.19.25.png

I think I have resolved this issue; I think it may in fact be related to Viva Connections more than the site being designated the Home Site.

I went to Site > Global Navigation (the Hub Site Navigation is designated as the Global Navigation for Viva Connections) and then Edit Global Navigation.

Here I was able to edit the navigation similarly to how I could do it before. The changes are instantly propagated in the Global Navigation (accessed at the left side of the screen / via Msft Teams) but have also propagated to the Hub Site Navigation several hours later (6+ hours).

Although it's a shame these changes are no longer immediate, I am pleased to have found a solution for editing the Hub Site Navigation again!
I have the same issue; I am SharePoint admin and have a communication site registered as a hub, I configured my hub navigation and set as home site for our tenant - and now, I lost the option to Edit links. I am also missing the Hub settings.

Like you I found a workaround - I can edit the links from the site setting (classic view) but I am still missing the option to create labels, or set target audience. This is still very limiting for future optimizations.

Microsoft support was also useless in helping resolve this. Any help is appreciated.
I've not found any further workarounds other than mentioned above, but I don't have any need to create labels or set target audiences so the workaround is sufficient for my needs.

The only thing I could suggest is that if you escalate to Microsoft support, to go down the Viva Connections route rather than purely SharePoint, as I think the issue lies here so an appropriate support team member might be more helpful.