Can't copy and paste data from Excel into SharePoint

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I am trying to copy and paste data from Excel into SharePoint. I used to just click edit in grid view and it would say add new item at the bottom so I could just copy and paste the information in. SharePoint seems to have updated and now when I click edit in grid view this is not happening. If I try and scroll to the bottom of the list, it just loads more data and there are too many items to scroll to the bottom so I can't add any new items. It only seems to be happening with some of the lists, others are working how they used to. Does anyone know why this might be happening and how I can resolve it?




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The issue you're experiencing with copying and pasting data from Excel into SharePoint and the inability to scroll to the bottom of the list in the grid view could be due to several factors, including recent updates to SharePoint Online or specific list configurations. Here are some steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

1. Check List Settings

A. Ensure Grid View is Enabled:

  • Go to the SharePoint list.
  • Click on the gear icon (Settings) and select List settings.
  • Ensure that Allow items in this list to be edited using Quick Edit is enabled.

B. Verify List View Threshold:

  • Large lists (over 5000 items) can sometimes cause performance issues. If your list is large, consider creating views that filter or group items to reduce the number of items loaded.

2. Use Modern Experience

Make sure you are using the modern SharePoint experience, as the classic experience has different functionalities and might not support all features of the modern grid view.

3. Ensure Columns Match

When copying and pasting from Excel, ensure that the columns in your Excel file match the columns in the SharePoint list. Mismatched columns can cause issues with pasting data.

4. Browser Cache and Compatibility

Sometimes browser cache or compatibility issues can affect how SharePoint functions. Try the following:

  • Clear Browser Cache: Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
  • Try a Different Browser: Use a different browser to see if the issue persists. SharePoint Online works best with the latest versions of browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

5. Using Data Import Options

If you are still unable to copy and paste data using the grid view, you can use alternative methods to import data:

A. Quick Edit and Excel Copy-Paste Workaround:

  • Open the SharePoint list in Quick Edit (grid view).
  • Open your Excel file.
  • Copy the data from Excel.
  • Click on the first cell in the grid view where you want to paste the data.
  • Paste the data (Ctrl + V).

B. Import Spreadsheet:

  1. Save Excel File as CSV:
    • Save your Excel file as a CSV file.
  2. Import to SharePoint:
    • Go to your SharePoint site.
    • Click on the gear icon (Settings) and select Site contents.
    • Click on New and choose App.
    • Select Import Spreadsheet.
    • Follow the prompts to upload your CSV file and create a new list with the data.

C. Use Power Automate:

  • Create a flow in Power Automate to automate the import of data from Excel to SharePoint.

6. Reviewing List Settings and Permissions

  • List Permissions: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to edit the list.
  • Content Approval: Check if content approval is enabled, as this might affect how items are displayed and edited.

Example Steps for Power Automate

  1. Create a Flow:
    • Go to Power Automate.
    • Create a new Instant cloud flow.
  2. Add Trigger and Actions:
    • Add a trigger such as "Manually trigger a flow".
    • Add actions to Get rows from Excel and Create items in SharePoint.
  3. Configure Actions:
    • Configure the Excel connector to point to your Excel file stored in OneDrive or SharePoint.
    • Map the columns from Excel to the SharePoint list columns.
  4. Run the Flow:
    • Run the flow to import data from Excel to SharePoint.

By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve the issues with copying and pasting data from Excel into SharePoint and ensure smooth data import operations.


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Had the same issue in Edge and Chrome. Try opening the site in Edge *in Internet Explorer mode*. This worked for me. If you can't find the setting, try edge://settings/defaultbrowser . Click Add to add the URL to the list you're trying to edit. You might need to refresh the tab with the list open, but you should then see “Reload in Internet Explorer mode” as an option when you click the ellipsis in the upper right corner that displays all browser options.