Can't connect Sharepoint calendar to Outlook (O365, PST creation issue)

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I'm an Office 365 end user. I have a group (created by creating a team in Teams). From the group's sharepoint site I have connected the Calendar app and created a calendar. I am now trying to connect to it through Outlook 2016.


When I click Connect To Outlook from the calendar webview I select Outlook from the list of available apps, confirm I trust the content, then get an error - cannot create  the folder because creating a .pst isn't allowed on this computer.


Fair enough, my laptop has locked down security. But this isn't an outside .pst, it's part of our O365. So is there another way to connect the calendar? If it was the main group calendar I could do that easily by browsing for the group in Outlook - but what about calendars created with the app?


I did try Open Calendar > From Internet using the link, but got what I assume is a Windows 10 adminstrator access prompt which rejected my credentials.


I can easily access the calendar through the webview, but Outlook would be far more convenient.


Thank you.


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I experimented with 'Group Calendar' on the Modern Team site.


I could see the group calendar in Outlook -> Groups - your team group.

Thank you @k h


Unfortunately that's the general group calendar that posts appointments into every member's personal calendar.


I'm looking for a way of linking additional calendars I've created through Teams/SharePoint.

@Jon Chambers Have you found any workaround to add additional sharepoint calendars in to the outlook with setting of PST blocked?