Can't add new event in SPO when using Internet Explorer 11

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The "add event" feature in SharePoint Online isn't working when using Internet Explorer 11. It doesn't give me the option to edit the fields. Tested this on two tenants, different machines, same experience and no issues when using Chrome. 

Have created a ticket with Microsoft support, but I would like to know if this is impacting other tenants as well. 

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Just got a response from Microsoft support. The engineer can't reproduce the issue. Tested this in a third tenant (my personal one) and I'm also experiencing this issue there. Trying to schedule a meeting to show the engineer the issue. Could someone else please try this out as well? Simply add the event webpart on a modern SPO page and click on "add event". Does it allow you to edit the fields when using IE11?


Just had a call and the engineer was now able to reproduce the issue.