Can't access my Developer account sharepoint sites or admin all of a sudden

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Had an E5 developer subscription and am building test Sharepoint sites: suddenly today I can no longer access the sites or even my Sharepoint admin center : I get 


This site can’t be reached

I checked my developer account and that weirdly says:


This subscription is now disabled until ‎3/16/2023‎, when your data will be deleted. 


I have been using this daily for months - I thought the subscription was only disabled if there was no activity. Is this a Microsoft problem - I have had no emails warning me about cancelling my subscription and I don't want to lose a couple of sites I have built and the pages in them.


Any help on how I can save my subscriptions / sites?


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@TimCrannigan You can use this option from developer program dashboard to report it to Microsoft: 

ganeshsanap_0-1678716608817.pngCheck this documentation for more information about expiration and renewal of M365 developer program:

  1. How long is my subscription good for, and when does it expire? 
  2. How do you determine whether a subscription can be renewed? 

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