Can not create a new Sharepoint List element... Microsoft Bug?

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Hello, I have a problem in Sharepoint List, I can not create a new element. I see the button, But I can not type anything in the fields. I have the right permission (create but not delete). 


In the picture you see that I can not set the cursor in a text field. But if I press the safe button, I slite into the first mandatory field. But I can not set the cursor in a other field... Can someone please help me? is this maybe a bug? 



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@Jo_Le Try below things:

  1. Try clearing browser cache and cookies (for All time), re-login to SharePoint list and see if it works
  2. If suggestion #1 is not working for you, try using another browser or private/incognito window
  3. If suggestion #1 & #2 not working for you, raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this behavior: Get M365 Support - Online Support 
  4. Meanwhile, when you have the cursor in first mandatory field, use Tab button from keyboard to navigate from one field to another field. You can also use the Space/Spacebar button to mimic the button click when you have cursor on button/link element.

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Point 1,2,4 doesn't work. I created a ticket as you said... Thank you