can not change Sharepoint retention policy

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Hi Cummunity, 


I have a strange issue with our Retention policy, (covers Exchange,SP, OneDrive and Groups) the issue is specific for SharePoint:

I have a policy (this work) on retaining data and sites for 7 years, Now I want to Include or Exclude sites, when I fill in the address of the SP Site, it cannot find the site, it states: "No data available", no matter what format I fill it in. I copied the address of the site, filled it in, still, "No data available". Not in include and not in exclude. In the past I have filled in 1 site, this is still there, I can delete the site, but not re-enter the site, still states "No data available". Somewhere it does not connect to the 'Active sites' (we have about 130 sites)

What could be the problem? (I am Global Admin)


Please help!

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Searching for sites doesn't work for me also.  If I find the URL for the site though, paste it in, and press Enter, it works for me.  Have you tried this?

@PeterRising The strange thing is, yes it works, now, yesterday it didn't. But now, the next issue: I have cleared all sites, for all locations, no expetions, if I submit the policy, it can't, and give the message: "All location cannot be combined with individual locations" ..... there are NO individual locations, everything is set to ALL. Could this be a timing issue, that the change taken A LOT of time to run, and there is a lock on changing the policy before submitting a new Policy. (we are nearing the 20hrs now)




Can you share some screen shots of the issues you are facing please?

@AlfParmentier  Did you ever find out an answer to this issue "removing all included sites, before adding excluded sites and it's blank", thanks

thanks, this technique still works in 2024!

can't believe this has not been fixed in the meantime...