Can not access to my onedrive - sharepoint account

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I had one drive with my school account which is


Then last year, microsoft changed the username for access as:

and I have used this account to control my onedrive account which is located in


Since last friday, Suddenly i haven't had access this account. I have contacted the IT department of our university. He told me that this account deleted recently. But when I check the data in sharepoint through the shared link (if neccesarry I can send you some of them). They are all there !! (These documents are really important for my University! It is possible to migrate them!


Could you please help me to migrate these documents. They are really important for me. My scientific articles are there! I just want to reach these documents somehow again.  I can send you proof of my identification card or I have succes to see emails at 


I am begging you to fix this problem.


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