Can I use the term store to access a list of my projects? or use a list is better?

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I am totally new at SharePoint, lists, term store, and so on...

I'm building a document library to store all our approval drawings, emails, etc.

All those documents are tied to a project number and name, I have a list called Projects, but I found it difficult to share it with other sites.

Would the term store be a good way to contain these project numbers and names, so I can use them in different lists?

If yes, could I have any suggested links or ways to do this? 


Or if the use of my existing list called "Projects" is still better for this situation even if sharing it is difficult.


Hope I have put this clearly. 


Any help or suggestions are welcome.

Please let me know if any more details are required.


Thanks everyone.


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So if those are going to be used on multiple sites then the term store allows you to create global values/terms that can be reused across different sites and multiple libraries


This way you can ensure consistency and standardization of metadata across your organization by using the term store, as you can manage it centrally.



Thank you Nicolas,
I'll read more about the use of Term Store and see how i can incorporate all my project numbers and names there.
Really appreciate your input,

Hello Nicolas,
I would like to have my projects numbers and names as a Term Store. Is this an standard practice? Could you direct me to the proper way to do it, the convention of my projects is to have a number and then that number is tied to a project name.
something like this: METO-12345 (2700 Eglington Ave. W)
That's why my list has two columns one for the job no. and another one for the job names.
How could I achieve this using the Term Store?
Any advice is welcome.

Thank you, Nicolas.
You can do it in two ways, You can have it
Project (Adress)
- Adress.

It all depends on if it will be more adresses or not in the item and what's easiest for you. I would go with the second option but thats me because it looks nicer, and I can have it as a seperate field :)
Great thanks, Nicolas.
I'll try it right now.