Can i Synchronize a network Drive with One Drive that synchronizes with Sharepoint?

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Hello, We are currently working on a migrating Documents from Shared/Mapped network drive to SharePoint, we didnt use any tools for it as it was around 60GB we were able to just drag and drop all the folders,subfolders and documents. However, We have customers who regularly access the Mapped network drive and update documents in them, and add or move around documents during migration. So we are finding it hard to find what files they have to made changes or added, sorting it by date added every day until they start using Sharepoint is a uphill task as they are not used to Sharepoint and we need to train them use it. I have few questions here. The network drive that the dccuments currently is in is not sycnhronized to one drive, i did find that Onedrive and Sharepoint is able to sycnhronize, example if i create a folder or move folders i able to see One drive and Sharepoint synchronizing the structure(its not backed up but im able to access sharepoint via quick access section inside onedrive and see teh changes), now is there a way i could synchronize onedrive with the shared network drive so any changes in the network drive witll synchronize into onedrive and then those changes will reflect in sharepoint?

1. Is there a way i can synchronise Network drive (here Drive J: to One Drive, that would synchronise files in J>>Onedrive>>SharePoint, until the complete migration/traiing is done to co ordinate the changes?).

Very new to SharePoint Migration, Migration was pretty easy as we just dragged and dropped, but following up with changes and go back to find the changes is becoming tedious. Any help would be much appreciated.

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First, you'll need to set up your network drive to sync with OneDrive. This involves installing the OneDrive desktop app on your computer and selecting the network drive folder you want to sync within the OneDrive settings.

Once your network drive is synced with OneDrive, you can then connect OneDrive to SharePoint. Simply go to the SharePoint document library where you want to sync the content from OneDrive. From there, you'll see an option to "Sync." Click on that, and it will open your OneDrive application. Confirm the synchronization, and your OneDrive folder contents will be mirrored in the SharePoint document library.

This setup ensures that any changes you make to files in your network drive will be automatically synced to OneDrive, and then to SharePoint, keeping everything up to date across both platforms.