Can I share a calendar that isn't my main personal one on Sharepoint?

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I'd like to create a page that is a calendar of events for my team and put it on Sharepoint - I can see the option to add a calendar , but it just links to my personal calendar on Outlook. I tried setting up a second calendar in my Outlook and seeing if I could link to that, but there just isn't an option, and there doesn't seem to be an option to just format a page as a calendar. But linking to an Outlook calendar would be ideal as then I could synch or even add other people to the calendar so that they can add their events rather than me going in and out of Sharepoint. Any ideas?


The person who asked me to put this together asked for it on Sharepoint, but I do realise another option may be just to create a shared outlook calendar and share it with team so I may raise that with them as well!

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@Claudia_Conway If you are using SharePoint team site connected with M365, you can use group calendar from outlook as well as you can add Group calendar on SharePoint site page using Group calendar web part 


Note: It does not have calendar like UI (month/week layout).


If you want a calendar just on SharePoint site and not required it inside outlook, you can use SharePoint list with modern calendar view. Check: Create a modern Calendar view in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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