Can I make more friendly URLs for my sharepoint list items?

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Hi all! I'm looking to make an intake application/backlog system for my team, and one of our requirements is that the URLs need to be "friendly", or consistent in such a way where you can replace a single ID number in the URL to get the appropriate ticket. Sharepoint list items naturally already do this, however I want to shorten the URL to be more succint and not as long.


Ideally, the URL would be a "site/listname/ticketID" format, or at least something shorter.

But right now it's "" for example 


I found a now deleted article about the topic and how to do this, but I recovered it ( and perused it a little bit. It looks overly complicated, is there an easier way to achieve a shorter/friendlier URL?

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@jsm209 Hello,

I would recommend developing a custom solution to solve your UX desires. Creating an SPFx application that can fetch the data and display it with "friendly" URLs, adapts in the background, from there you could also improve the solution further to work as the intake application/backlog system as you desire.

This is of course not something easy, however it is very reliable and scalable.

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand

Creating a Power App (low code/no code) is also an alternative! :)


Thanks for the reply! How would you go about this in power apps/ what should I google to learn more about this alternative?
Thanks for the suggestion! This is what I was looking for but it does look daunting/not easy. I'll have to do a lot of learning and reading, do you know any specific features of the framework I should look into to accomplish this?