Can I have Permissions for a Site and within the site different permissions for libraries?

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I have a site with several document libraries. I need to give each library different permissions depending how needs to access them - the site has everybody as visitors (since i only want people to be able to view the docs) Now, when I go to an individual library Z, i stop inheriting permissions, and remove visitor groups A from it, i noticed that then Groups A does not have permission to accses the site anymore (not just from that library). 

Is what i am trying to do even possible?

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Hi @MVC_User -what you're needing to do is absolutely possible. Sometimes SharePoint gets a little weird. 

  1. To make sure all groups have access to the site, go to Site Settings > Site Permissions and ensure all the groups are listed there with the perms they need at the site level, probably Read.
  2. Your next step was correct to go into the Library > Settings > Permissions for this Library > Stop inheriting permissions. And then from there, add/remove/edit group permissions
  3. When you navigate back to Site Settings > Site Permissions, you should still see all your groups, but now there should be a yellow message bar near the top of the page informing you that some content on the site has different permissions

With SharePoint, you can get very granular, you can have different perms at the site, library, folder and even document level (this is a nightmare to maintain but it can be done.)


If you're still having issues, maybe you can take a screenshot of your library perms and your site perms to help troubleshoot.


@Kelly_Edinger Hi Kelly, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question!
I had 2 people within Visitors, when i removed one of them from Library A, that is when it removed the person from all the site. So, does it mean that i can remove Groups (Visitors, Memeber, Owners) but not just people within those groups individually?

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If you remove the user from a group, user will be removed from both levels: site as well as document library.


If you need different permissions & groups for document library, you can create a new group & assign permissions to that group on document library. Check below documentation for more information:

SharePoint site permissions 

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